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Welcome To Harlee
& Willow Bunny Barn

"Here we hand-raise Holland Lops & Mini Plush Lops"

Plush lops are the "rare" low shedding bunny, ask about them today!

At Harlee & Willow Bunny Barn we are passionate about our animals.
We love helping people find the perfect new addition to their families.

Harlee & Willow Bunny Barn is a small ARBA registered rabbitry

located in Agassiz, BC.

(roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes from Vancouver).

Our focus is Raising Quality Holland & Mini Plush Lops.

We hand raise our bunnies with lots of love,
producing only 1-2 litters at a time,
3 - 4 times a year to ensure our buns & nestbox babies
are well socialized. 

If you are interested in adopting one of our bunnies
check out the Available Bunnies web page.



About The Breeder

My name is Amber and I am the proud owner of Harlee & Willow Bunny Barn.
My passion for rabbits started when I was a young child,
I would go to the pet store and want to “save” every single animal
and growing up that’s exactly what I did!

My love and passion for rabbits is the reason I opened up my rabbitry.
My goal in breeding is to help perfect the "rare" mini plush breed,
while also raising bunnies
 with excellent social skills who will make great pets.


 We take great pride in our bunnies. Our rabbits are our pets above anything else, they live in spacious enclosures and are provided with
ample daily playtime inside and outside.
All of our rabbits are litter box trained and raised around our children and 2 dogs.

Our babies are provided their own separate litter boxes at 4 weeks, so they can start their good potty habits before heading to their homes at 8 weeks. 

* All of our rabbits are fully-pedigreed and we work with Transport within Canada*

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