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Reserving Your Bunny

Our prices for each bunny range between $150 to $350, depending on color and uniquenes. By joining ​our waitlist, you will have first dibs on our bunnies that become available!We will contact our waitlist when our bunnies reach 4 weeks of age. Once contacted you will then have 24 hours to respond back. If you don't respond, the bunny will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.​If you decide to postpone getting a rabbit once on our waiting list, It is important to contact us so we can prevent rabbits from not finding their forever homes.​​    Once you pick your new furry friend - You can reserve your rabbit with a $100 cash or etransfer deposit, with the remaining balance due when you pick up your bunny.Deposits are sent to and can be placed on bunnies at 4 weeks old. Deposits are non-refundable. ​​You cannot switch to a different bunny once you reserve & you cannot save your reservation for a different rabbit. Be sure the bunny/bunnies you choose are the one you are committed to. ​​While I will do my best to find the best suited bunny for you, I cannot guarantee a rabbits personality as each one varies! It is up to the owner to continue socialization and build a bond with their bunny. Rabbits are a commitment like any other pet! Please do your research on how to properly care for your rabbit before placing a deposit and purchasing one.​ We are happy to take back unwanted rabbits that come from our rabbitry. If returned they will need to come with their housing quarters. I also ask that the rabbit be returned with their Birth certificate or Pedigree. If the rabbit is suspected ill, I have the right to refuse as it’s my responsibility to keep my rabbitry healthy! 

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