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Due to the rarity of the plush lop, our prices for each bunny range between $150 to $300 depending on color and uniqueness. On occassion there may be discounted rabbits due to age or color deformities. Keep an eye on our Instagram or Facebook social media channel for postings.

Rabbits are first come first serve! You can reserve your rabbit with a $100 cash or etransfer deposit, with the remaining balance due when you pick up your bunny. Deposits can be placed on bunnies at 4 weeks old and are non-refundable. You cannot switch to a different bunny once you reserve & you cannot save your reservation for a different rabbit. Be sure the bunny/bunnies you choose are the one you are committed to. We will never offer refunds for any of our rabbits. 

While I will do my best to find the best suited bunny for you, I cannot guarantee a rabbits personality as each one varies! It is up to the owner to continue socialization and build a bond with their bunny. Rabbits are a commitment like any other pet! Please do your research on how to properly care for your rabbit before placing a deposit and purchasing one.

If you decide to postpone getting a rabbit once on our waiting list, It is important to contact us so we can prevent rabbits from finding their forever homes.

We are happy to take back unwanted rabbits that come from our rabbitry. If returned they will need to come with their housing quarters. I also ask that the rabbit be returned with their Birth certificate or Pedigree. If the rabbit is suspected ill, I have the right to refuse as it’s my responsibility to keep my rabbitry healthy! 

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